Some people are really miserable (cold emailing)

I really have only two suggestions and they aren't great - one is to keep experimenting, but be careful to not make anyone sick. Rosemary extract may be a good ingredient to try for some applications. Just look at some of this research from Deloitte to see how big of an issue this really is: In one day more than 100 billion emails are exchanged, yet only one in seven is critically important; The average employee now spends over one-quarter of the workday reading and answering emails; People now check their mobile phones more than 150 times a ... It really is, Terry! ... looking miserable, sighs as she says she felt pressured to do so. “It is OK,” he continues. “You dropped it. ... Or, contact our editors by emailing moderator@scng ... 60 Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced But For Some Reason Never, Ever Talks About ... and you didn’t eat them in time. you absolute failure. you miserable piece of ... a really good box ... Well, in practical terms, sod all really. But with leadership challenge chatter rumbling on behind the scenes in the Tory party, the repercussions of this by-election may be far from over. Jill really stepped up negotiations. We're still in charge, but we can be merciful and we don't want this experience to be miserable---well sometimes for Xiu, but that's beside the point. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think a beauty pageant and an Olympics are musts. ... If there's a way you'd feel comfortable with us emailing you that'd be ... Now they won't stop calling and emailing me. Many times on the phone and replying to emails I have said leave me alone. and the emails and phone calls just keep coming. About the 10th time I told them I would start leaving reviews each time they contact me and I am running out of places to leave reviews. Some of these solvents are difficult to purge from finished products, however, and they can cause respiratory harm. Carbon dioxide is widely recognized as the safest extraction solvent for hemp.

2022.01.26 17:39 SnooOwls378 Some people are really miserable (cold emailing)

There was a job offer on copy chief and, although I wasn’t qualified for the entire role, I noticed they wanted some email work done. I decided I might as well cold email the contact they provided and see if I could help them out (I guess it was more of a warm email since they were still expecting emails from Copy Chief members). She responds to my initial email and I ask about her email list, how it’s setup, how they’re currently using it etc. She responds again and I ask if they have any auto responders in place (still haven’t pitched anything or offered a service just trying to learn more about their business). In her next email, she proceeds to say my selling strategies are terrible, that I have no business “demanding” this kind of information from her, and that, in the 3 emails I sent, I provided absolutely no value to her. These types of responses would be more understandable if they were to the initial cold email, but after responding to me multiple times prior?!? Can anyone offer any advice - maybe my strategy was crap, but I was under the impression that it’s more beneficial to start conversation with the person before pitching them.
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2022.01.26 17:39 Wessex-King91 DZ65RGB V3 stopped working!

Help! I ordered a Tofu65 with a DZ65RGB over Christmas, fully assembled. I just unplugged and re plugged it in and it’s stopped working completely. I’ve tried different cables as well as different ports on my PC, none work, but all work with a different keyboard. Don’t know what to do, feels like the USB port is fried?
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2022.01.26 17:39 suicidesheep66 My map 2 barely completed

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2022.01.26 17:39 zpkspiano We covered the last ED on vocals and piano. We hope you all like it! <3

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2022.01.26 17:39 777empest Identifying hidden cameras in rentals and hotels.

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2022.01.26 17:39 SWIMMlNG This beautiful 2006 World Series t-shirt just arrived in the mail!

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2022.01.26 17:39 kitticats Is saying "dumb American" a breach of reddit rules?

I recently referred to someone as a dumb American on one of those reddit livestream things. I was subsequently banned from that specific channel, fine whatever.
5 mins later I received a warning from reddit threatening that I may be banned from reddit altogether. Wtf?
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2022.01.26 17:39 toastedfig keyboard

mechanical keyboards
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2022.01.26 17:39 jlavender369 Hi all, I'm looking for good genetics seeds if anyone knows reputable vendors or reddit users.

I searched for any recent posts but didnt find any up to date info. Thanks for any help
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2022.01.26 17:39 AltrossGamez Survival Of The Idiots! - (Ark Survival Evolved Funny Moments!) - Thanks for watching the video, and if you enjoy it then consider subscribing!

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2022.01.26 17:39 DaemaSeraphiM Question-day two low carb

Hi guys, I have been using fasting for insulin resistance issues/ weight loss and I decided to try making the bulk of my diet low carb too. So it’s day two and I feel hungrier than before - but nauseous at the same time.
I’ve not been counting anything so I can’t say I have stats. I was just going for removing the obvious carb pitfalls first. So my diet has looked like - cheese, nuts, steak, seafood, eggs, veggies (Brussels sprouts, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, sautéed greens, olives, tomato, avocado) and fruit (berries, cherries, figs, clementines so far) I did add two baby new potatoes to breakfast thinking my nausea was me undercutting my carbs and doing keto accidentally. But still feel gross.
Any advice? Literally looking at the last bite of sea bass on my plate with utter disdain and churning stomach yet wouldn’t mind eating another serving of fruit. Could I be overdoing my fat? Or am I adjusting?
I decided not to fast while adjusting, but I was pretty random about that anyway.
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2022.01.26 17:39 MX-00XWV Bell da rabbit

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2022.01.26 17:39 gaga-gluhwurmchen Screw this Trans Hate

I’m an orphan and I’m currently waiting around in a new city to move to a new country. Apart from my husband and son I have few real friends and no support network whatsoever. No, I might not be perfect but I’m a loving, patient person with a lot of support to give. I love meeting new people and hearing about their problems.
And yet there are people out there so overwhelmed with friendship offers, and loving family, that they completely take it for granted??? They reject potential friends on the basis of their genitals??? I can’t imagine caring if someone’s trans or not and feel angry and upset about it because the world is lonely enough, especially right now, without making things worse.
To the transphobes: you’re spoiled. You’re rejecting wonderful people because they’re not what you envision, or expect and as someone who misses my family desperately you make me angry. One day, your loved one will be gone. Love is what makes this life worth living—how dare you reject it, and from people who just want to love you?
My childhood best friend, who would’ve been a huge support to me right now, killed herself because her family couldn’t—wouldn’t—accept her as a woman. This happened recently, and I’m still mourning.
To any trans friends reading this: I can’t imagine how horrible Reddit must be making you feel today so I’m sorry. If I’m this upset, I can’t even imagine. Whatever you do, these days, as a woman it seems like you woman “wrong” according to somebody. But you matter. Your value, just like your gender identity, isn’t up for debate. Grace didn’t know this but so many people loved her. So many people love you, too. Please stay.
TLDR: Trans women are women, and so many people fighting about this while the world is literally burning makes me feel so hopeless.
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2022.01.26 17:39 AssertiveGinger Came across this at my local goodwill bins. Not a big metallica listener, but this looked way too awesome to pass up for under a dollar. Plus ive never seen a gold cd before.

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2022.01.26 17:39 Chriszczeck Some images of my latest build, what do you think of it? :D (Link to my video in comments)

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2022.01.26 17:39 EmperorStrudel I called it.

The ANT can't operate anywhere near enemy air on Oshur. Battle Gal pods have absolute dominance and any ANT within 2 hexes of where they operate is dead. Air has enough map mobility to be everywhere at once, by the time you replace and refill the ANT the air pod has done a full map circle and come to kill you again. ANT needs cloak to properly support pushes on this continent.
The continent is also so generally open that a pod of battle gals can just fly around squashing construction hexes with no real counter. Like a discount Bastion.
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2022.01.26 17:39 CarsonWentzGOAT1 Who Waved First? Greedo or Han

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2022.01.26 17:39 eMperror_ Looking for an Ultralight bikepacking hot-weather windbreaker

I currently own a few Arcteryx & Veilance products and I am looking to get something in the Ultralight category for an upcoming Bikepacking tour in Central America. Looking to get something not insulated that would mainly act as a windbreaker. Packability and weight are important for me since I'll be super limited.
I already have a Proton FL and it's too big and too hot for this task. What would you recommend? Thanks!
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2022.01.26 17:39 FantasyAddict24 A second chance season for first/second evicted?

Has there ever been a season will all people who had promise but got evicted in like the first or second week? It always sucks when someone who seems like they could be really interesting or good at the game but just happen to get evicted super early just because it's usually pretty random in the first or second week. I am a pretty new fan and have only seen a few of the newer seasons so wondering if this has ever happened or been brought up?
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2022.01.26 17:39 lydan0915 Knockdown shield does not work

This has been going on for a long time, gold kd and they just shoot straight through it.
What a joke
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2022.01.26 17:39 Tripke007 New facebox contest. Check it out and win a fafobox!

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2022.01.26 17:39 the_pirate_penguin 3D printed parking spots for my collection.

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2022.01.26 17:39 SouthParkiscool I was given a 21st Century history book. How could it get any worse? (Part 6)

The two men walked in. They were agents of sorts. They each wore what looked like SWAT outfits. "Mex Kala Council Russia," was written in bold white letters on the outfit of the agent to my left. "MKCC Mex Kala Council of China," was written in bold white letters on the outfit of the agent to my right. Arilyn quickly packed her stuff into her bag. Agent Edwards was slapped across the face, which woke him up. After he woke up, he was surprised. He checked all his limbs, then he looked around the room in shock. It looked as if he was surprised he was still alive.
"I am Agent R-434," the Russian agent said.
"I am Agent CPC-566. We are leaving for Shanghai right now. Let's go," the MKCC agent said.
We were taken out to a small airstrip. I asked Agent R-434 where we were. He told me it was classified. That I wasn't supposed to know or even talk at all for that matter until we got to Shanghai. Arilyn was tearing up a bit. If Slarrows and Quads weren't enough to end the experiment, then what was?
I always had anxiety about flying. I already didn't like the downward motion of anything with me in it. It wasn't so bad, I could tell myself not to act on ideas in my head, but it was enough for me to say something, so that's something. In this world full of creatures though, the anxiety was smaller, which was a plus. But there were still tons of creatures everywhere. I was thinking about them more. Dreading my next interaction with one.
We got onto the plane. Neither of us were allowed to speak until we got to our destination. Luckily, there was a TV in the plane. It was playing a movie I had never seen before. Based on the technology the characters were using, it couldn't have been released before the 2060s. As we took off into the air, I saw a Quad walking through a forest. It was using its arms to move trees around. Those things were still chilling. I looked at the back of the seat in front of me instead.
It was a 21 hour flight. I managed to sleep for five hours at first. After I woke up, I watched some interesting movies from the late 2060s/early 2070s. Most of them had some form of Nnotz reference. Only one of them seemed tacky, at the very least. After about four movies, I fell asleep again.
When I woke up, the plane wasn't moving anymore. We had landed at an airport. Shanghai Pudong International, specifically. It was around 9 PM there. We were rushed off the plane by the agents, who then guided us through the airport. There was a little light show on the ceiling, it took me a minute to realize the assistants were AIs, and there were screens promoting stuff like assistants and doing good deeds. Apparently the airport was only at a quarter capacity however, because of all the Slarrows, reports of Quads knocking planes out of the sky, and a possible urban legend about something giant, but unknown, lurking somewhere in the northern Pacific Ocean. I wasn't begging to learn more about that last thing.
The agents took us to a grey car with tinted windows. After we got settled into our seats, the agents turned the radio on. Loud. They really didn't want to hear us speak. We listened to the radio. More of those Nnotz appraisal songs played. Some were in English, others were in Chinese, but unfortunately, Nnotz was a noun.
Other than that, my attention was drawn to the buildings when we drove through the city. It looked close to what sci-fi movies set in the future depict. There were a lot more skyscrapers. Some were all lit up in neon blue, others in neon red. Skyscrapers like the Shanghai Financial Center were still standing, of course, but they were surrounded by more skyscrapers that were just as tall as them. They were all glowing neon turquoise. There were giant ads all around the city. Animations and pictures of Nnotz beside ads showing the face of, I assumed, the President of China in 2071. Then there were some brand ads in other places.
The front of one skyscraper was one giant ad, alternating between a picture of Nnotz's arms hanging down through the clouds and the image of the Chinese President standing in front of China's flag.
After an hour of driving, we took a right into the parking lot of a normal looking building. Once we got out of the car, we were shown a digital agreement on Agent CPC-566's phone. Thing is, the agents only let us read the second half of the agreements, then we each had to press accept or, well… Agent R-434 was pointing a futuristic blue gun at us. I actually jumped when I noticed it. I was still just as much not willing to get shot as I was not willing to have my limbs bitten off. We each selected "accept."
We were led into the building. The main lobby had the usual reception lobby look. The agents walked us through a hallway guarded by intimidatingly armoured guards. We were taken to a staircase. There was a sign on the door.
It was a ten minute walk down the stairs. There were only a couple doors down there. One was labeled "Technology," another was labeled "Surveillance," and another one was labeled "Media." At the bottom of the stairs, we reached a door labeled "Science." There was a red light beside the door, reaching from the ground to the ceiling. Agent CPC-566 stood in front of the red light. Seconds later, the door opened.
We were pushed through the doorway, into a long hallway. The hallway didn't have many doors. The doors that were there weren't labeled at all, but they each had their own full body scanners on their right side. After a minute of walking, we were rushed into a room to my right. It was a science room. There were four long tables, a bunch of science related posters on the walls, posters of Nnotz, a hologram of a Slarrow that made me shiver, and all these devices that looked like scanners and guns. I also saw some mechanical limbs and 3D printed body parts. There was also a watch, one similar to Arilyn's watch, sitting on a desk at the back.
There were some chairs in the middle of the room the agents told us to sit down on. I sat on my chair. The agents text for two minutes. I was being tortured by the suspense of wondering what they were going to do next. I had to dry my hands off on the side of my pants. At one point, the Russian government agent walked out of the room. The CPC agent stayed.
After another few minutes, the CPC agent spoke. "Hello. You three are here because you have contributed to chaos and high extremism against Nnotz and his friends," he said.
"I'm just doing two classified experiments. I don't know what this is, but it's probably very unnecessary," Arilyn said.
"We got word from the MKCCAN that you were associated with a terror group called Opposition 5. Is that correct?" he asked.
I was nervous as hell at this point. My nerves probably wanted to kill me by then.
"Rebel group Opposition 5?" Agent Edwards asked. "They were all captured and enlightened, weren't they? Nothing happened in Winnipeg"
The CPC agent stared at him. He felt his sarcasm when he said "enlightened."
"They got away. One of them was brought down, but the rest got away. Mex Kala Canada wanted to turn you three over to us. You three are very important people. A scientist-cosmologist, a time traveler from 2022, and, well… an interesting agent, I must say. But you aren't very important to Nnotz or the CPC. You've made enough noise," he said.
I was hoping he'd let Agent Edwards go free, but it didn't look like that was going to happen. The CPC agent asked him to go to the interview room to be asked some questions. The CPC agent walked him out of the science room, leaving me alone with Arilyn.
Arilyn began to look around, like she was planning an escape, although it was seemingly impossible, unfortunately. There was no way we were getting out of the building. I thought about the fact the CCP was still around, with agents being labeled officially with "CPC" and a number. It made me more nervous about this whole kidnapping. The CCP agent said Mex Kala Canada turned us over, but a thought at the back of my head suggested that was a lie.
After a few minutes of silence, a humming-roar came from under the floor. It was uncanny. After a few more seconds, it became nerve wracking. A scream came from the same place the roar came from. It lasted for about five seconds. What really made me shiver was the fact the scream didn't turn animalistic. It was a human screaming. The roaring stopped. Everything was silent again. Only the buzzing of electricity, and my breathing were heard. Another minute later, the CCP agent returned.
"Well, now that your little agent has been forgotten about, and interviewed, let's talk about your… endeavors," he said.
Whatever happened to Agent Edwards, it's likely that it wasn't pretty. The CPC agent pulled a gun on Arilyn. He was about to ask some serious stuff.
"You have human time travel figured out, but you don't want to tell us anything about it? Why is that?" He asked.
"It might be that we are jumping to alternate realities rather than traveling through time. That would change a lot," Arilyn said.
"Well, at least teach us how to jump at all, so we can figure it out for ourselves as well," He said.
"Black holes keep us from good amounts of research," Arilyn said.
The agent shrugged. He didn't like that answer. He didn't care if there was a black hole anywhere. He told Arilyn it was just a theory, then he ordered her to create a time watch for him.
"We could be ripped out of existence. I know it's a maybe, but we can't take the chance," Arilyn said.
"Do you wish to be taken down to the questioning room? One of Nnotz's smaller friends would be happy to meet you," he asked. Arilyn jumped up off her chair. Hopefully that's not where Agent Edwards went. Hopefully the room wasn't some big cover up for that creature. The agent walked her over to a table on the other side of the room, to my left.
Arilyn talked to the agent about the materials that were already on the table. She told him that they worked. The agent thought she was purposefully stalling, then he asked her which missing materials were needed to make a time travel device. She told him which materials were still needed. She was stuttering a bit as she talked about it. She was being forced to reveal classified information.
She asked the agent about a disk that was placed on the table. The agent told her the CCP figured out 50% of how time travel works, which allowed them to create what was called the Crystal Disk. They didn't go too far into it, but the Crystal Disk encodes data and interprets the information it gets from the particles the device uses. It's essential for the device to work.
After their discussion, the agent walked over to me.
"So... you're from 2022. That's quite an interesting year to think about," he said. I guess he assumed I had experienced most of 2022. I had only experienced a few days of 2022. Anyway, there were most likely years after 2022 that were more "interesting."
"China was a prosperous nation back then, as it is right now," the agent said.
"It was strong, but there was a lot of censorship, which they felt they needed in order to seem like they were truly strong," I said.
The agent leaned in towards me. "We censor things to keep our country safe. We don't need you to push your political opinions onto China," the agent said. The agent changed the topic, asking me questions about the past.
"In 2070, it was leaked that a CIA agent traveled to a different time, most likely the future. There isn't much that was leaked specifically. Do you know anything about it? The agent's name, perhaps?" the agent asked.
I actively tried to recall something random.
"No," I lied.
"Were there any signs of Nnotz back then?" he asked.
"No, I don't think there's been any signs of Nnotz," I said.
" 2022," he said.
"No, not in 2022 or in my general time period at all," I said.
"In your time, there were lots and lots of gas powered cars. Did the air feel different? Didn't it suffocate people?"
"It didn't suffocate most people. I'm glad electric cars are common in 2071 though."
"There's been a lot of movies set in 2019 since your time. Was 2019 really that magical?" he asked.
"For me personally, it had different vibes… in a good way. I got over most of my social anxiety by June and I had lots of fun all around. It was a much better year for me than 2018 or 2017. Many other people loved it too, of course," he said.
After I gave him a better understanding of the past, he gave me a phone with the notepad app opened. He told me to type up everything I experienced in 2022 and 2071 so far in regards to daily life, technology, and current events. When I finished, I had to give the phone back to him. I couldn't tell what it was for. The fact that right as he ordered me to do it, I noticed he was holding a gun, made it seem pushy. I shook a bit on the inside. I was hoping I'd be able to remember things well while feeling so nervous.
An hour into me typing, I had gotten to December 2021. It seemed the CCP agent was hell bent on knowing everything about my time. He wanted current events and media whether I experienced them or not. so I got to include stuff about movies and music too. Stuff about Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, Spiderman: No Way Home, etc… It felt weird since that stuff was escapism, while I was also mentioning current events. But I was supposed to write everything about my personal life in 2021. At gunpoint too.
At one point, I turned the typing into a stalling situation. I thought the more I typed, the more time there would be before I had to do terrifying stuff. So I went back and put in more stuff about everything. It was interesting he wanted this specifically, however, but it was an easy task due to the way my memory is. I didn't know exactly why he wanted it though. I was hoping it was for the better, but I was still nervous. I was even more nervous about the fact I would be shot or eaten or possessed by cults if I didn't do this. I hit more spelling errors than usual trying to type it all up. After I typed up as much as I could from the first couple of days of 2022, as I had experienced, I typed up my experience of traveling to 2071. I spoofed Mr. Danley's name just in case, since I was brought down into a secret government lab to do... this.
Then I detailed… the other stuff. My experience with the Slarrows, Purlaws, the circular thing outside the window… which I decided to call a Spiturtle, instead of describing it… the Quads, but only the first time, as I wasn't going to give any hints of the Mex Kala Canadian government's infighting to a government that could use the information to their advantage. A government that kidnapped me too. I also decided not to include anything about the Purlaw experiment videos on the deep web, which I was still actively avoiding. That first video was scary enough.
Those mouth eye creatures were the last creatures I typed anything about. Recalling the creatures got too chilling by that point. When I finished typing, I gave the phone back to the agent. He read it over, nodding his head as he read through. When he finished reading it, he told me a big experiment was coming up.
"You will be going to different time periods then documenting your experiences there," the agent said.
"Which time periods?" I asked.
"I'll give you three of the ten. 2121 to see where the world, especially China, is in 50 years, 2022 to see the daily lives of citizens, and 1989 to see the daily lives of citizens," he said.
"Okay, I guess I'll have to do that. I guess there's some stuff I won't be allowed to talk about in certain time periods, right?" I asked.
"Don't make a big fuss about forbidden topics when you go back or forward in time, yes. We'll give you a list for you to study before you travel," the agent said. It was weird I was getting a list of forbidden topics… because there's some chance I won't make it back? I mean, you can talk about stuff like the Tiananmen Square Massacre in public, you just can't make a lot of noise about it. The CCP agent did say I can't make a big fuss though so there's that. Who knows what it was like in 2071, though. I really didn't want to know.
At one point, I realized I was probably going to have to work for the Mex Kala CCP for the rest of my life. 2071 was bad, but there was no way 2121 wouldn't be worse. What Agent Daniels experienced wasn't pretty, whether it was the future or not. Very different creatures… When did the ones from 2067 - 2071 go away? Where did they go? Whatever the case was, there were likely dozens of new horrors waiting for me in 2121 I didn't want to experience. Incomprehensible things I'd be frozen in thought over, giant centipedes, giant brain looking things with squirmy stuff inside them. Everything was probably Strange Matter by then too. The thought gave me a load of dread.
I could hear the humming roar again. It was coming from under the floor again. I thought it was another person being eaten by whatever creature was housed down there. The floor began to vibrate. Everything in the room began to shake a bit. The sound of doors opening, along with people speaking with urgency, came from the hallway. Crashing sounds, then gunshots, rang around somewhere under the floor, where the roaring was still happening. My stomach felt like caving in at the sound of the roar itself, along with the fact I didn't know what was making it. Also because I didn't know where to go. The sound of pipes being ripped apart was coming from under the floor. The queasiness in my stomach got stronger.
Something was climbing up from under the floor.
As the noises got more intense. The agent called someone on his phone. While he spoke on the phone, the gunshots stopped. A loud crash happened somewhere down the hallway. The agent hung up. He had a look of urgency on his face.
"If you make it out of here alive, nothing happened here in the Highly Secret Clearance Only section. Nothing. Do you understand?" he asked.
"Yes," I told him, but the roar, along with the loud crashing, got loud enough that he couldn't hear me. He walked up to me. As he was about to say something, the roar, along with the crashing, stopped. A dark grey and red arm crashed through the middle of the wall. I took a few steps back, stumbling to the ground. I couldn't move at all. I wanted to run, but the room wasn't big enough. I froze instead. The arm gripped the agent, pulling him towards the hallway. The arm stopped moving, holding the agent still. While the creature holding the agent still was a convenience, it wasn't so convenient that a horrifying creature was attacking the area.
Most of this creature was outside of the room. Its arm was in the room. Its tentacle-like fingers gripped the agent hard. The agent struggled, trying to free himself, but he could barely move the creature's arm. I couldn't tell how big the whole creature was, but when it roared again, its roar came from somewhere down the hallway. It was huge.
Amidst this, Arilyn thought this was a good time to escape.
"This could be our chance to get away, but the monster will have to move first," she said.
Arilyn packed all her stuff into her bag. The agent tried to speak, but his voice was muffled. He was frustrated. Arilyn put her bag on the ground near me. She walked over to a table at the back of the room. She looked through the cupboards until she found a triangular object. She walked over to the table with the gadgets on it. She picked up the disk. She walked up to the agent, then she held the disk in front of him.
"You want this so bad? How about... you let us go, so I don't scratch the disk to oblivion," she said.
Arilyn held the object up against the disk. The agent nodded his head from left to right. She used the object to make a circular scratch on the shiny side of the disk. The agent muffled angrily as she damaged the disk. She then rubbed the disk around on the table for a few seconds, scratching it up badly. The agent muffled angrily some more as Arilyn scratched the disk, damaging it beyond repair. She tossed the disk to the side.
"Looks like you won't be traveling anywhere," she said.
Arilyn walked back to her bag. As she did so, the creature let go of the agent. The agent pushed the slimy arm off of himself.
"You won't be getting out of here no matter what!" he said.
I felt dread again. The agent could do something right then that the creature couldn't: Hurt me in specific ways.
As the agent walked up to me, the creature grabbed him again, almost suffocating him. I was filled with adrenaline at that point. I ran over to the table with the time travel materials on it. I picked up one of the gadgets, then I slammed it onto the floor. It shattered more than I thought it would. I walked up to the agent.
"Agent Edwards was killed, not interviewed!" I said to the agent.
It wasn't going to do anything, but I had so much adrenaline from the creature's attack, I wanted to say whatever was on my mind, whether it was relevant or not.
"Slarrows are scary as hell, I hope they all… fly away and disappear! Nnotz can suck it's own arms back to its own dimension! Dont kill anymore agents! Respect human rights! Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang deserve rights too!" I said, spitballing a bit.
The agent was still being held tight by the creature's arm. He shouted, but his mouth was still covered by the creature's arm. His shouts were muffled.
Arilyn chuckled. "Dude, there's an opening. We have to go," she said.
I looked over at the door. The creature had moved out of the way of it. I asked Arilyn if I needed a gun. She said I couldn't handle a gun from the future, let alone one from my time. That made sense.
We made a run for the door. My heart was pounding. We ran out into the hallway. The room across the hallway was reduced to rubble. Pipes and electronics were scattered everywhere. The creature, from the back, was a big blob of slimey looking red and grey skin. We ran down the hallway, away from the creature.
When we reached the end of the hallway, there was a giant hole where the end of the hallway should be. There was no way to go. It was too dangerous to walk through that destroyed room with all the broken live wires everywhere. Worse. Some agents were at the other end of the creature. Their shouting was easy to hear. I was frozen again. I didn't know how to fight this. My stomach was sinking again.
Seconds later, pulsating booms came from the other end of the long creature. The creature let out another loud humming roar in response. It also started moving backwards, towards me. It took up the entire hallway, along with half of the destroyed room. It was about to push Arilyn and I into the deep gaping hole behind us. When I looked into the hole earlier, it looked like it went down more than five floors. There was no getting out of here unscathed.
Arilyn tiptoed into the destroyed room. She navigated around a couple of the live wires. She looked around the room, observing all the live wires and electronics. "No, this isn't going to work," she said to herself. She tiptoed back into the hallway.
I could barely look at the creature for five seconds without getting an intense amount of chills. I had never been so cold out of fear before.
After some more moderate squirming, the creature stopped moving. Another round of pulsating booms rang out, this time on the side of the creature within the destroyed room. They made some of the creature's grey/red skin peel off, but it wasn't much.
Arilyn and I were looking into the destroyed room, then back at the creature, repeatedly, wondering what to do next. An agent walked into the room, on the other side of all the rubble and live wires. He pointed at us and said something. I wasn't at all fluent in the language he spoke in, so I didn't know what he was saying. But then he spoke in English. "Quinxiong is malfunctioning, you'll be taken out of here," he shouted.
Quinxiong? At least, that's what I heard. What confused me was the malfunctioning part. This was a robot creature? An artificial creature perhaps? Nnotz was supposedly part mechanical, but this... Quinxiong... was being referred to as if it were purely mechanical. It wasn't one of Nnotz's friends, it seemed. I had no idea what it was supposed to be, which didn't make my heartbeat any less intense.
One other agent on the other end of the creature shouted something. Again, I didn't know what he said. He or some other agent walked into the room to put a dark grey device on the floor before quickly walking back out. Seconds after he walked out, a red light appeared on the top of the device. Three seconds later, it turned off. The creature let out another roar, but it sounded broken. It was so uncanny and terrifying, I had to cover my ears.
A moment later, it stopped roaring. It stopped moving altogether. It was pretty gross, though I could only see the back of it from my end. At that point, I couldn't look at it for more than five seconds without feeling like I was about to throw up from nerves and fear.
Some soldiers tugged the creature over into the destroyed room. Its side busted open. I almost threw up at the sight of it. I looked at the ground for a few seconds. Tiny green squares filled the hallway, almost reaching my shoes. They kinda looked like computer chips.
"In 2058, They were accused of making nano-monsters to get rid of people who dissented," Arilyn said.
My heart sank. Nano-creatures being used to eat dissenting agents and people who make a ton of noise about the stuff the government does. Although, that made the fact we were cornered worse. CCP agents down the hall in front of us, the creature coupled with soldiers to our right, and a hole behind us. I was cold. I was nervous. I was thinking… hopefully I will be getting out of this one unpunished… unpossessed…
These agents and soldiers were brainwashed by Nnotz, so they were insane cultists too for sure. I was mentally exhausted by all the fear.
One of the soldiers from the destroyed room threw a device towards Arilyn and I. Once it bounced off my shoe, a grey smoke came out of it. I looked around for an escape. I took a step back, but it surrounded me too much. Two seconds later, I couldn't see anything. I began to feel light headed. Not too much time later, I passed out.
I woke up in a dark blue cargo hold or something. I felt mild turbulence. I realized I was on a plane. Arilyn was sitting across from me.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"You're about to find out. We're going to northern Russia. Hopefully, you won't be eaten. There's nothing I can do," Arilyn said. She looked defeated.
Eaten? They didn't have to bring me to Russia to be eaten... or whatever was going to happen. I didn't think much of it other than that it was likely a continuation of the stuff that went on in China. I felt nervous enough that I could actually ignore my anxiety about moving down in objects. I still felt dread about all the creatures and the Mex Kala governments.
I asked Arilyn if she still had her laptop. She did. Supposedly, the agents didn't see it as a threat or anything, so she still had it on her. She handed it to me.
I haven't felt such an impending doom before. I don't even know what is supposedly going to eat me. We're going to an area in the Arctic Circle… Am I going to meet Nnotz face to face?
I hope not.
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2022.01.26 17:39 AdditionalCondition What is the plot of the game?

I have no intentions of ever playing it but the trailers are making me nosey. Can someone spoil the whole it for me.
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