Leather messenger laptop bag that'll fit an RB17?

2022.01.26 18:14 ViperGeek Leather messenger laptop bag that'll fit an RB17?

I recently pre-ordered a Razer Blade 17:
and I'm looking for recommendations on a leather messenger laptop bag that'll fit this 0.78" x 10.24" x 15.55" (19.9 mm x 260 mm x 395 mm) laptop. My favorite brand, KNOMO of London, doesn't make a messenger bag wide enough. Their Bungo is called 15.6", but that's (apparently) measured diagonally.
Trolling around Amazon, I was able to find (at least) one bag that seems like it'll fit:
but wanted others' opinions before I pull the trigger ... and before my preordered laptop arrives.
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2022.01.26 18:14 Elegant-Reflection-3 £10 of Bitcoin from Luno - No Deposit necessary - UK only

Bitcoin Pioneers work in association with Luno to support Bitcoin adoption in the UK. My Bitcoin Pioneers’ referral code BPKSteele10 gives you £10 of Bitcoin when you sign up to Luno in the UK (you don’t need to deposit any money).
Luno was founded in 2013 and have their HQ in London. Luno’s app is used by over 9 million people in 40 countries and is designed to be beginner-friendly (I’d say as easy to use as a banking app). GBP deposits & withdrawals are free and it's free to buy & sell crypto (using a limit order on Luno’s Exchange). Luno has some good features - you can earn up to 7.6% interest a year on crypto and you can send crypto to family & friends free. Features
If you are interested to learn more about Bitcoin you can access a Bitcoin webinar and Q & A with Bitcoin analyst Jason Deane; just select yes to marketing at sign up (you can change that setting anytime). The next webinar is on 26th January at 6pm.

  1. Sign up using Luno’s app or at Luno.com
  2. Verify your account (photo ID) - usually takes a few minutes.
  3. Tap the ‘Rewards’ tab and enter code BPKSteele10 to get an instant £10 of Bitcoin. If you are resident in the UK and would like to join Bitcoin Pioneers and get your own 'no deposit' code, just send me a DM.
Feel free to share my code with others so they can get £10 of Bitcoin. Enjoy your free Bitcoin!
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2022.01.26 18:14 TTor4 Venho em busca de instrução sobre carros usados.

Tenho 22 anos e acabei de tirar habilitação, preciso de um carro apenas como meio de transporte ( casa, trabalho, mercado, rolê com a morena), uso majoritariamente urbano. Orçamento limitado a 20k.
Navegando nos sites fiquei cheio de dúvidas : quilometragem importa? ano do carro importa mt? o que observar num carro usado? é de boa levar o carro num mecânico de confiança antes de comprar? Ainda rola comprar um ford? Carros japoneses dão menos trabalho mesmo? etc.
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2022.01.26 18:14 sboy06_ Pi Mod AMA with the Core Team

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2022.01.26 18:14 Patient_Ad6008 How civilization could destroy itself -- and 4 ways we could prevent it ...

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2022.01.26 18:14 PresidentRaggy “Whaddya want? Hurry up, I don’t got all mornin.’”

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2022.01.26 18:14 LightingMcXeen Anyone taken BUAN 6340 w Jason Parker?

I've tried messaging him on teams, email, and even left him a voicemail. Does this guy simply not respond?
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2022.01.26 18:14 dior122 Dm me for a price on these 5 hours of sweaty socks😝🤤

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2022.01.26 18:14 Wise_Froyo8909 Solo los de Latam entenderán, xd

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2022.01.26 18:14 Mickleborough Meghan: the object of the Sussex Squad

I apologise for stating the obvious, but I’ve only recently been exposed to pronouncements from the Sussex Squad. To be clear, in this post, ’Sussex Squad’ or ‘SS’ refers to the more vitriolically vocal members.
The common reaction is that the SS is deranged, or maybe their brain cells died from loneliness.
But it seems to me that the SS actually are fanatics, in the socio-psychological sense. Below is a simplified summary of fanaticism (Fanaticism 101):
Fanatics display an extreme and irrational defence of an issue or person (MM), completely devoid of any analysis. Their judgment‘s so far from objectivity to the point of being impervious to any argument or evidence that could question or refute it.
Fanaticism goes beyond fidelity to an object (which allows for other opinions). Fanaticism involves going into the territory where intolerance and prejudice live.
Characteristics of a fanatic include:
(1) A conviction that they’re right. There’s little capacity for self-criticism, or for others to raise objections or question beliefs.
(2) Attempts to impose their views on others. The fanatic’s views are supreme.
(3) Not admitting to grey areas, ie those which may enable them to see other viewpoints. Their reality is all or nothing.
(4) They make their object (MM) a sign of identity. It‘s a form of self-definition and creates the sense of belonging to a group.
A couple of causes of fanaticism include:
- an inabilit to maintain a sense of identity (ergo the SS identify with MM)
- individual frustration, possibly due to lack of self-confidence
I’m not trained in this area at all, so can be criticised for drawing incorrect conclusions. Please don’t take this as gospel. But from a quick read of various descriptions of fanatics, it seems that the SS fall squarely into this defintion.
In World War 2, an organisation coincidentally abbreviated to SS was responsible for, amongst other things, the detection of actual or potential enemies of the Nazi state; the neutralisation thereof; and collecting intelligence.
Fanaticism can be linked to fundamentalism and extremism as well.
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2022.01.26 18:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.26 18:14 PrusRuslan My oil painting."On open air". Oil on hardboard. 2022

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2022.01.26 18:14 TheSpottedBargains Austin Faux Leather Corner Sofa £1,399 Was £1,599 at Dunelm

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2022.01.26 18:14 4dxn Markets could be better if we didn't list price history

A lot of people buy things based on the price history.
That's why sales work so well because people think they are getting a good deal, it was $50 yesterday and now its $10 - must be a good deal.
A lot of people judge stocks based on the price trend rather than how well the business is actually doing. The whole NFT/crypto fad is the same concept. Rather than buying something based on how much you value it, people buy based on how much others value it. If it sold for $10 months ago, and sold for $15 yesterday, now it must be $16. No one actually looks at the product and say, how much is it really worth?
We should get rid of price history if we can and see how markets react.
Thinking of this from the Big Short: https://youtu.be/q4fdPIApqXI?t=72
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2022.01.26 18:14 vese 1973 Porsche 2.7 RSH @ RM Sothebys Arizona 2022

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2022.01.26 18:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.26 18:14 GeneralPelle More pictures of my recent finished build, Dieselkits Bulldog in 1/35 (Makeing of video link in comments)

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2022.01.26 18:14 mysterious-empath Anthony and the Watch

Can someone explain the significance of why Anthony keeps looking down at his watch in season 1. Is it just because he feels like his life is running out or is it more. Do we think this will continue in season 2.
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2022.01.26 18:14 momita123 My lovely world

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2022.01.26 18:14 Maroonathor Haz 5 Solo advice

rock and stone,
so earlier today I attempted to get into haz 5 the first time. Haz 4 (I only ever play random join) is generally fine with every dwarf for me and I also manage fine solo with driller and gunner. It is fun but a tad lacking when it comes to being a challenge. I mostly play driller solo cause I find it fun. So haz 5 I couldn't manage at all. Like impossible. I had read some advice on the Subreddit before so I didn't go in unprepared, but there was a particular thing that kept fucking me over: fliers. Macteras. Also I did a salt pit map several times and the Beyblade (forgot actual name) enemies would occasionally knock me up to levels of falling damage that would either deal massive damage or straight down me. The base enemies are no problem at all and using the cryo weapon even an oppressor is no big deal; but my experience was that even with all that op, a swarm of 4 mactera and a trijaw spawning would usually end in me downing pretty quickly. I found ways to manage by kiting back into corridors and letting C4 do the magic but with the spawn frequency that usually ended in me not being able to keep up my ammo cause id end up lacking time to mine all the nitra.
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2022.01.26 18:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.26 18:14 drsteve103 Weird Medicine Live - DJ Jazzy C, Dr Scott LIVE NOW

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2022.01.26 18:14 quantumpossibility Les jumeaux Hin et la roche magique (Ne me demandez pas quelles circonstances m’ont amené à visionner ce petit bijou mais ça vaut la peine de le regarder)

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2022.01.26 18:14 Key-Clothes-9072 My manifestation update

Day 1 (2): Before starting out, I relaxed myself. This time, again I used 4-7-8 technique to relax myself. And it worked. Since it is cold, I felt something in my throat due to breathing, but I ignored it. I started to imagine my scene, this time, the pictures were same, but the room in which I imagined everything was different. I don't know why. And I realized this after the completion of my imagination. In the first part, it was different. Anyway, my mind wondered again. I even smiled due to remembering something unrelated. Still I continued. At the end, I didn't feel frustrated as I felt in the morning. During the day, there were two things coming in my mind: 1. Do I need to be specific about the amount of money I need to manifest or that I need to have a general idea of what wealth is for me? 2. Before going to the market, it felt so bad to ask for money from my parents. I think the exercise has started working: I had experienced 3 incidents on day 1 itself: 1. I just asked for ₹100 for household shopping, but my father gave me ₹600. 2. I got ₹4 as discount, I know it is not a big number, still it matters, as discount is money in some form. 3. I didn't ask my father to recharge my number, and plan had expired a few days ago, and because of feeling bad for asking to recharge, I didn't get recharge done. But today Jio had an offer of 20 per cent off on recharge. So my father called me up in the evening to tell me the same and said that he'll recharge for a year (which has never happened, all recharges were of maximum 3 months). And I got 20 per cent discount at the same time.
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2022.01.26 18:14 ImCallum Instead of studying I did this

Name: Thunderstruck ACT 1
Namesake: AC/DC- Thunderstruck
Localised name: Grease Lightning ACT 1
Type: Close range, ACT stand
Power: D
Speed: D
Range: E
Durability: E
Precision: D
Potential: A
Thunderstruck act 1 forms as pure electricity around the user’s hands, however with provides minimal protection
Electrified strikes, anything that the user touches will zapped with an electric punch (something like Mile’s venom punch) the stand also naturally increases the users punching speed but not by an incredibly noticeable amount
ACT 2:
Power: C
Speed: B
Range: E
Durability: D
Precision: D
Potential: A
The stand now covers a larger area on the users body, arms top of the torso and legs are completely covered in lightning, slightly more durable this time but not noticeable
Electric Strikes:
This ability is kept largely the same except it’s much faster than before
High Voltage:
This ability greatly increases the stand and users speed, up to that of ~100mph, it achieves this by absorbing any form of electricity in a 35m radius, the more electricity the more speed but it is maxed at 100mph
ACT 3:
Type: mid-long range, ACT stand,
Power: B
Speed: D
Range: B
Durability: B
Precision: C
Potential: A
Thunderstruck now covers the users entire body in a thick electric body armour, significantly increasing durability
Thunder Strikes:
This move is now as fast as it’s Act 1 variant however the most is much more powerful, enough to knock an average human back with 1 punch and has the secondary ability to extent the users reach, when throwing a punch the stand will automatically shoot out the bit of armour around that punch for another 3-4 meters however an extended punch is harder to land.
Shoot to thrill:
The stand can now shoot small electric darts out of the armoured finger tips, if the bullet is charged long enough it’ll stun the target, if held even longer it could cause nerve damage. (Bullets move at regular bullet speed)
ACT 4:
Type: Close range, sentient stand
Power: A
Speed: speed of light (starting speed ~600mph)
Range: C
Durability: A
Precision: B
Potential: E
Act 4 forms as a featureless humanoid shape made of entirely electricity
Passive Ability:
Act 4 will automatically start draining electricity from anything in a 60m radius to increase its striking power and speed
Thunder Strikes:
The strongest form of this ability, if Act 4 draws enough power a single punch can cause damage to the targets entire nervous system.
Shoot to Thrill:
An upgraded version of act 3’s ranger attack it can now shoot much larger balls of electricity that will cause nerve damage upon a hit, if missed I’ll cause a shock wave on the object it hits, this ability drains the power Act 4 draws, will only move in a single direction once fired and takes much longer to charge (max bullet speed is 30mph)
Since Act 4 is only make of electricity it can enter electric devices and travel between them, for example if it entered the users phone it could reappear in the targets phone using it as a new host of sorts, this has a 20m range
EMP Bomb:
Act 4 will explode all of its power into the surrounding area causing any and all electric devices to shutdown for 5 minutes, this’ll make Acts 4 and 2 un-useable for that power outage as they draw an electricity for powespeed
User’s thoughts: Act 3 is my personal favourite as it’s good in short and medium range, I find act 4 too brutal for my tastes it’s just too much power that 1 person should have -O.F
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